Green Ridge Fire Company

Green Ridge History

The Beginning

It's not much of a story, just the history of the organization and the growth of the community fire company, but it speaks well for the people who live in the area homes, and especially for the would be firefighters who started the whole thing. This group of men, met in one of the basements in Green Ridge during April 1942. They felt an urgent need for some form of fire protection due to over 100 homes in this area, and plans for 250 more being considered.


April - The first meeting of 24 men was held to organize; there were no assets, no only a high aim and idea. Harry Ryle was elected president. They worked hard going directly to the residents of Aston Township in an effort to get sufficient funds for chartering their group. The response was splendid and they received their state charter on August 14, 1942. Again the men took to the community to secure funds for a truck and equipment. The now famous "War Baby" was starting to walk.

August - A 1926 Dodge truck called "Old Betsy" was purchased. The members all volunteered their time to completely rebuild and repaint the truck. All parts and equipment finally secured despite the restrictions caused by the war. Our first truck is housed in a private garage owned by Sam Forrest

September - A charter was taken to the township commissioners for their approval. The ladies auxiliary was formally recognized and adopted by the company.

November - The commissioners officially recognized the company as a township organization and gave a donation of $500.00. Also approved was liability and compensation insurance on the truck and members of the company. Parkside Fire Company was the first to entertain the company and officially recognize Green Ridge as a fire company among other fire companies.

December - Hoses, Indian tanks, brooms and nozzles were received and placed on the truck. A lot on the corner of Duttons Mill and Crystal Road was bought as the site of the future firehouse.


January - The Fire Company secured a bill for a fire truck.

March - A fire ring was placed in back of a house as the only means of summoning the men to the fire. It was the only available alarm system due to the war. The relief association was officially acknowledged. The Green Ridge Fire Company No 1 of Aston Township announced that they are now on call for active service in the ranks of those of Delaware County whose aim is to protect life and property from damage by fire.

April - Green Ridge joins the Delaware County Fireman's Association

August - The Fire company established a committee to prepare plans for a new fire house on their lot at Crystal and Duttons Mill Roads


January - The Company formed its first junior fireman section with six members

June - Ground was broken for the new firehouse and construction began

September - The fire company formed its first fire police unit approved by the commissioners.


April - The Company joined the Pennsylvania State Fireman's Association

September - Our new firehouse is completed at a cost of $3,220.25 and the official dedication and housing was held. After about 3 years of hard work and sweat their dreams come true. The community of Aston was continuing to grow which means the fire company had to grow to meet the demands of the township.

December - The Company purchased a 1940 Dodge Pumper, army surplus, equipped with 500-gallon booster tank.


February - A committee was set up for construction of the new wing on the rear of the engine room which housed a new kitchen, a hall on the main level, and a club in the basement.


The company purchased a Ward LaFrance Pumper to replace the 1926 Dodge


The company purchased a 1963 Seagraves Pumper, which is fully equipped, 631. This truck replaced the 1940 Dodge Pumper.


The company set up a committee to buy land for a new firehouse


Five acres of land was purchased from the Sun Oil Company for $25,000.00 Again the fire company came to the residents of Aston for donations and once again the residents responded generously.


The new firehouse was completed at a cost of $250,000.00. The building serves as a monument to the generosity of the residents of Aston who want the very best for themselves, their children and the community.

November - The Company purchased a 1942 Ward Lafrance Buffalo Ladder Truck from Friendship Fire Company for $400.00 with the intent of restoring it.


A 1954 Mack Pumper, 63-3, was purchased from the City of Chester


A 1960 Seagraves Ladder was purchased for $33,501.00.


October - The First District Air Bank, a 1954 Ford, was placed into service.


February - 63-3, a 1954 Mack Pumper was sent out and rebuilt.


The company sold the Ward LaFrance Pumper, which was purchased in 1958, to Trainer Fire Company.


The company placed in service a 1979 GMC Van, which will be used as the First District Air Bank. This replaces a 1954 Ford. The company ordered a 1987 Hahn 75' Ladder Truck for $260,000.00.


The company received their new 1987 Hahn 75' Ladder Truck and placed the unit in service. This unit is still in service today as Truck 63.


The company purchased a 1979 Saulsbury Truck from Southern Chester County. This truck will be used as an airbank, Air Unit63. This truck replaces a 1979 GMC Van, which was sold to Zeke's Service Station.


The company is receiving bids for the purchase of a new pumper, which will replace 63-3, which is a 1954 Mack Pumper. The cost of the new pumper is $230,000.00. This new truck will be delivered either at the end of April or the beginning of May.


The company houses a 1993 E-One 1500 G.P.M. Pumper.


The company completed renovations of the building and outside parking lot at a cost of $177,000.00.


March - The Company receives bids for a new Rescue which will replace Air Unit a 1979 Saulsbury.

April - The company purchases a 1999 E-One Rescue for $360,000.00.


February - The company receives and places in service a 1999 E-1 Rescue truck.


June - The company houses Rescue 63 a 1999 E-One.


The company receives bids for a 2001 Ford F350 Utility truck to replace the 1963 Seagraves engine. The Seagraves engine is sold for $1,800.00. Utility 63 is was placed into service.


The company forms a Truck committee to replace the 1987 Hahn.


The company purchases a 2003 Pierce 105' ladder truck to replace the 1987 Hahn. The company also purchased the 1963 Seagraves back from the owner to whom it was sold. The engine is currently getting restored and will be a antique truck.