Green Ridge Fire Company


Saturday, April 12, 2014 1:17am RIT 63 was dispatched  to a house fire in the 1500 block of Rainer Rd. in the Toby Farms section of Chester Twp. along with companies 47, 52, 57, RIT 39 and M45-7. 47-9 (Comisiak) arrived within a few minutes with heavy smoke pushing from a 2 story in the front, 3 story in the rear, middle of the row. Truck and Rescue 63 arrived 2nd and 3rd due behind Quint 52 and were reassigned fire duties as 47-9 and Chester Twp. PD reported entrapment. RIT 43 was dispatched in our place for that task. Units split tasks performing searches, fire suppression and throwing ladders. Unfortunately, one subject was located but pronounced dead by EMS. Crews operated on scene for several hours under the command of 47-9.  Photos courtesy of Jeff Comisiak, Dave Schlott/Delco Times and Heather McAlea/Facebook.

Thank you to Springfield (Engine) and Marcus Hook-Trainer (Ladder) for covering our station during this incident.




Saturday, April 5, 2014  Rescue 63 & 72 handled this wreck on Concord Rd, multiple EMS units assisted while the crew from the rescues assisted with patient care and securing the hazards.




Tuesday, April 1, 2014  Truck 63 assisted the Upper Chichester Fire Department on commercial building fire on Chichester Ave . Crews found to be a dryer fire with minor extension. Truck 63 assisted with ventilation and was in service for 30 minutes.




Sunday, March 30, 2014  Last night the Engine Company staffed with 5 headed south to New Castle County Station 23 for a over night prescheduled cover assignment. Members from Minquas were enjoying their annual shrimp feast. The crew of 5 enjoyed a good dinner and also handled two calls for service. One being a vehicle accident and the other being a transfer to New Castle Station 9(Newark) while they were operating on an emergency. The crew made their way back home into Station 63 around 0900 this morning. Thank you to the members of 23 once again for your hospitality.




Sunday, March 23, 2014  With a gracious invitation from the Chester Heights Fire Company, 30 members from station 71 and 63 mounted up this morning and headed to the West Chester Burn tower and trained for 6 hours performing engine company and truck company operations. Thank you for the invitation and we look forward to the next one.




Wednesday, March 19, 2014   Congratulations go out to FF Sara Walters on  becoming a Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP) today! Sara has spent the past year or so sitting in didactic lectures, attending clinical training at various hospitals and doing a field internship with the Philadelphia Fire Dept. EMS. Following completion of the training course, Sara endured and passed the rigorous testing process which includes a cognitive computer based exam and a psychomotor exam (hands on skills verification). 

Congratulaions, Sara Walters, NRP! We look forward to you sporting your new gold patch!




Sunday, March 16, 2014   Congratulations to FF Chris Repine and his wife, Janine, on the birth of their first child, Grace Repine! Mom, Grace and Dad are all doing well. Best wishes to everyone and welcome to the world Gracie!!



RIT to Bethel House Fire

Sunday, February 2, 2014  The RIT assignment was dispatched to the 1600 blk of Wisteria Way in Bethel Twp. for the house on fire. PD arrived with fire showing from the rear and Truck 66 upgraded the working fire. Truck 63, Rescue 63 & Utility 63 made the response with 11. The crews arrived, threw ground ladders and set-up two teams on the Alpha & Charlie Divisions. Crews were on scene for several hours before returning. Units operated under the Command of Chief 66 M. Heacock




Friday, January 31, 2014   The day started early this morning with an engine co. transfer to Minquas Fire Co. (NCC Sta. 23). The engine ran one MVC on I-95 while down south. There were no FD services needed at the crash. On the way home from Delaware, 63 & 72 were dispatched to Knowlton Rd. for an investigation. Engine 63 was just about home and responded finding a home heating oil truck had just made a delivery. A concerned passerby was concerned about the odor but there was no hazards and the Engine returned. Around the noon hour, an accident call was received on Tryens Rd. in the parking lot on Penn Photomounts. A vehicle struck several parked cars in the lot. The driver required medical attention and there was no fire dept. services rendered. An hour later another accident occurred at Concord & Red Hill Rds. Rescue and QRS 63 responded and found 2 injuries. QRS 63, 72-7 and 72-7A handled pt care. Rescue 63's crew assisted Rescue 72 with securing the vehicles and applying oil dry. The final call of the day was an automatic fire alarm at Northley Middle School. The company has responded here numerous times over the past couple of months as the school is under a major renovation. The alarm was tripped and the fire apparatus cleared.

The crews also took some time in the afternoon to clean the apparatus and bay floor up to remove all of the road salt and grime that has been accumulating over the past few weeks from all of the snow we've had. The apparatus was also juggled around so we could house 72-7 and M100A overnight.




Monday, January 27, 2014  Company 63 was dispatched at 441am to 108 Woodcrest Ave. in the Beechwood Park section of Aston for the dwelling fire. Truck 63 Responded with 5 personnel. While enroute 72-9A was updated with info stating the homeowner thinks he extinguished the fire but was afraid that it was in the ceiling and there was a strong electrical odor. Arriving just after 72-9A, Truck 63 assumed 1st Due engine company responsibilities. The initial interior crew led off with a dry chemical extinguisher while an attack like was deployed. Crews were met by a significant smoke condition inside the residence. The initial attack line was advanced into the residence as a precaution. Engine 63 arrived at this point deploying the second interior attack line. Upon investigation of the ceiling it was found all fire was extinguished and no extension was found. The residence was ventilated by Engine 46 crew and crews shortly packed up all equipment and returned after. Units on scene: Truck 63, Engine 63, Rescue 63, Cos. 72, 71, 46, Medic 100A and NCC RIT 13. 



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