Green Ridge Fire Company



Friday, January 31, 2014  The day started early this morning with an engine co. transfer to Minquas Fire Co. (NCC Sta. 23). The engine ran one MVC on I-95 while down south. There were no FD services needed at the crash. On the way home from Delaware, 63 & 72 were dispatched to Knowlton Rd. for an investigation. Engine 63 was just about home and responded finding a home heating oil truck had just made a delivery. A concerned passerby was concerned about the odor but there was no hazards and the Engine returned. Around the noon hour, an accident call was received on Tryens Rd. in the parking lot on Penn Photomounts. A vehicle struck several parked cars in the lot. The driver required medical attention and there was no fire dept. services rendered. An hour later another accident occurred at Concord & Red Hill Rds. Rescue and QRS 63 responded and found 2 injuries. QRS 63, 72-7 and 72-7A handled pt care. Rescue 63's crew assisted Rescue 72 with securing the vehicles and applying oil dry. The final call of the day was an automatic fire alarm at Northley Middle School. The company has responded here numerous times over the past couple of months as the school is under a major renovation. The alarm was tripped and the fire apparatus cleared.

The crews also took some time in the afternoon to clean the apparatus and bay floor up to remove all of the road salt and grime that has been accumulating over the past few weeks from all of the snow we've had. The apparatus was also juggled around so we could house 72-7 and M100A overnight.