Green Ridge Fire Company

Conner H Hughes(Con Air)

Email Address
Hobbies Hunting and Fishing
Training No Amount of Training will ever be Enough. Always keep training and making yourself hard to kill.
Certificates Arson Awarness/Emerg. Response Persone, Residential Dwelling Fires, FFI Mod 1, Weapons of mass destruction, Fire I no burn, EMT-B, First Responder Awareness, Peco Gas and Electric.
Other Membership Paid Fire Fighter/EMT: Aston Beechwood Fire Dept.
Service Awards Fire Top 10 (2009)
QRS top 5 (2009,2010,2011,2012)
EMS person of the year (2009)
Favorite Quote "If there is a window, and there is a ladder – they belong together. Throw ladders till your out of either." -Traditions in Training