Green Ridge Fire Company

David M Durbano(Dave)

Email Address
Hobbies Just about anything
Training National FF 1&2, National Instructor 1, PADOH EMT, PADOH VRT, Hazmat Operations, EVOC, RIT Operations, Rope Rescue 1-4, Ladder Rope Rescue Systems, Structural Rope & Confined Space Rescue, Artifical High Directional Anchors, FF Survival, Pump Operations 1, Crew Leader, Fire Ground Operations 1&2, Truck Company Operations, Engine Company Operations, NIMS 100,200,700,800, TEEX Advanced Industrial Fire Brigade, FSA Industrial Fire Brigade, Teex Industrial Fire Brigade Leadership
Certificates Not Enough....
Other Membership Lower Chichester Sta 39
Conoco Phillips Sta 86
Service Awards Top Runner (39) 2000-2004
Chiefs Award (63) 2005
FF of the Year and Chiefs Award (63) 2006
Positions Held Lieutenant (63) Seargent (63) Captain (39)
Family Father Past Chief/Fire Marshal Lower Chichester Sta 39, Friendship Fire Company Sta 60,
Brother Past Chief Lower Chichetser FD Sta 39