Green Ridge Fire Company

Green Ridge Apparatus


Engine 63

  Pierce Arrow XT

Engine 63 is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT Pumper. The engine is equipped with a 6 man cab, a 1500gpm single stage Hale pump and 750 gallons of water. Engine 63 carries your basic Engine Company equipment, hoses ranging from 1" booster line up to 5" supply line. Various adapters, appliances and handtools along with a thermal imaging camera and 4 gas detector. An AED and basic first aid bag. Engine 63 responds first due to structure fires in our local, vehicle fires, wires, gas leaks, hazardous materials incidents, trash and brush fires.

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Truck 63

  Pierce Dash

Truck 63 is a 2003 Pierce Dash 105 foot ladder truck. The Truck is equipped with a 2000gpm Hale pump and 500 gallons of water. Its primary duties are that of a truck company but this apparatus can also function as an engine company. The ladder carries a variety of ground ladders, ventilation fans, gas powered saws, forcible entry tools, gas meter, thermal imaging camera, ropes and other rescue equipment including for RIT and an AED. Truck 63 responds first due to mutual aid building fires and 2nd due to building fires in our local.

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Rescue 63

  E-One Cyclone II

Rescue 63 is a 1999 E-One non-walk in rescue. It is equipped with a 300 gallon water tank and 250gpm Hale  Booster Pump. It has a handline on the front bumper and one crosslay. It is equipped with a Hurst hydraulic spreader mounted on the front bumper, Hurst combi-tool, Hurst O-cutter, various sized rams and two portable hydraulic power units. Rescue 63 also serves as our primary apparatus for rapid intervention services and any technical rope rescues. The Rescue also features a 9-bottle 6000psi air cascade system with booster pump and a 6kw Night Scan light tower. Various spill booms, pads and oil dry. The rescue also carries a TFT portable foam pak and foam. Rescue 6...

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Utility/QRS 63

  Ford F-350

Utility 63 is a 2000 Ford pick up truck primarily used as a manpower vehicle. Utility 63 also serves as our primary QRS unit for medical emergencies. QRS equipment includes oxygen, AED, medical kit, suction and other required items.  Fire equipment includes a chain saw, K12 saw,4 SCBA, forcible entry equipmen, misc handtools, cribbing and fire extinguishers. The utility also has a portable honda generator and scene lighting.


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