Green Ridge Fire Company

Unit : Rescue 63

Year : 1999

Model : E-One Cyclone II

Rescue 63 is a 1999 E-One non-walk in rescue. It is equipped with a 300 gallon water tank and 250gpm Hale  Booster Pump. It has a handline on the front bumper and one crosslay. It is equipped with a Hurst hydraulic spreader mounted on the front bumper, Hurst combi-tool, Hurst O-cutter, various sized rams and two portable hydraulic power units. Rescue 63 also serves as our primary apparatus for rapid intervention services and any technical rope rescues. The Rescue also features a 9-bottle 6000psi air cascade system with booster pump and a 6kw Night Scan light tower. Various spill booms, pads and oil dry. The rescue also carries a TFT portable foam pak and foam. Rescue 63 is also certified by the PA State Department of Health as a QRS.